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History of UWH

In England, underwater hockey was invented originally by divers who were wanted to keep fit during the winter months. At present, the sport is practiced in over 30 countries internationally. In 2007, UWH was revived in Switzerland.

Underwater hockey is a team sport and keeps you fit on all levels. Take a breath, dive underwater and join this wonderful sport!


UWHBern Club was founded in 2018. We are a growing club with juniors and adult members. Alongside our weekly training sessions, we participate in national and international camps and competitions.



Underwater Hockey Kit

If you want to join this wonderful sport, join us with your swimsuit and we will provide the rest.

The complete gear consists of:

 - A mask to clearly see underwater.

 - Fins to move faster.

 - A snorkel to catch your breath when your out, without allowing the puck leave your sight.

 - A black or white stick to manoeuvre the puck and to identify one's team mates.

 - A black or white waterpolo cap and a glove to protect the playing hand.

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